Table Captains play an integral role to ensure the HRC Seattle Dinner is a success. Becoming a Table Captain is an excellent way to make your dinner experience more meaningful: You take a special role in promoting the event, and have an opportunity to make your own table of ten extra special by inviting friends, family and colleagues to purchase tickets to join you. By stepping up as a Table Captain, you only commit to trying your best to fill a table, with no financial obligation to do so.

Sign Up.

You can become a Table Captain by buying your tickets to the gala and signing up during the registration process, or by simply emailing to let us know.


Who Can be a Table Captain?

Any individual, couple, business or charity group can become a Table Captain, and every Table Captain will receive special recognition in the Dinner Program Book.

What Is The Suggested Process To Organize A Table?

Filling your table is as simple as extending the invitation. We all love to be invited to events, and your friends will thank you for thinking of them. Invite friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, or whomever else you feel may have an interest in supporting the efforts of HRC. The best invitation for your guests is a personal one. Invite them in person, by telephone, or e-mail. Being clear about the date, cost, method to buy tickets, and perhaps, most importantly, let them know why you are passionate about HRC.

Do I have to fill the Table?

Most Table Captains ask their invited friends and family to purchase their own tickets, which attracts new and returning attendees to engage in HRC’s efforts for the ensuing year. You are not financially responsible for the entire table.

Question? Contact our table captain co-chairs at: